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[DIR] Parent Directory - [   ] ASR Well Systems and Factory Pump Injection Testing_Is This Necessary.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 3.7M [   ] Analysis of ASR clogging investigations at three Australian ASR sites in a Bayesian context.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 1.7M [   ] Aquifer Recharge Experiences In Mexico City.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 4.3M [   ] Aquifer Recharge Proposal for Metropolitan area of Mexico City in the 2nd Seccion of Chapultepec Forest.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 7.7M [   ] Artificial recharge systems applied in the Low Llobregat aquifers (Barcelona, Spain).pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 3.1M [   ] Basin Recharge Planning For Success.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 7.4M [   ] Benchmarking Proposal for Mar Systems_ Benching and comparing eight Mediterranean MAR-SOL sites..pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 2.9M [   ] Chapultepec WWTP Reuse and aquifer recharge project for sustainable management of water resources in Mexico City [Modo de compatibilidad].pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 1.1M [   ] Combination of Ozonation and Managed Aquifer for Advanced Wastewater Treatment and Reuse.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 1.2M [   ] Computational modeling of the aquifer system of Nazareno Etla, Oaxaca, México.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 3.1M [   ] Could the MAR be a main path to the pollution of aquifers.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 2.5M [   ] Coupled Surface Water and Groundwater Model to Manage Artificial Recharge for the Valley of Santo Domingo.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 13M [   ] Designing MAR as a water management tool for catchment-scale water quality and quantity issues.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 3.0M [   ] Engaging Village Communities in Groundwater Monitoring and Management – Lessons from Rajasthan and Gujarat, India.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 1.3M [   ] Groundwater Management Policy in the EU.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 461K [   ] Groundwater and Energy in Mexico.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 5.8M [   ] Groundwater management policy principles in Australia - quantity, quality & MAR.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 1.4M [   ] Identificación de zonas de recarga y descarga de flujo regional en el norte de México y su impacto en el balance de aguas subterráneas.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 7.3M [   ] Integrated web-based framework for planning and assessment of managed aquifer recharge applications.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 3.5M [   ] Inventory of managed aquifer recharge schemes in Latin America.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 612K [   ] Investigating conditions for denitrification during controlled MAR experiments using reactive barrier technology.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 3.3M [   ] MAR Site suitability using GIS and Modeling_ Case studies in coastal California, US and Guanajuato State, Mexico.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 2.2M [   ] MAR challenges and opportunities from an operator’s perspective.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 6.0M [   ] MAR for Irrigation in the Yellow River Floodplain Area of North China.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 1.6M [   ] MAR in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico [Modo de compatibilidad].pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 2.3M [   ] Managed Aquifer Recharge Opportunities in the Arid and Semiarid Cordilleran Region of the Americas [Modo de compatibilidad].pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 4.2M [   ] Managed Aquifer Recharge Project for Chihuahua, Mexico.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 3.5M [   ] Managed Aquifer Recharge and Aquifer Characterization With in The Complex Esker Deposits in Pälkäne, Finland.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 5.1M [   ] Management of Aquifer Recharge in River Bank Filter_ Study Case.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 2.0M [   ] Mapping Potential Zones for Artificial Recharge Using a Geographical Information System.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 2.8M [   ] Meeting Melbourne’s Future Demand for Water Using Aquifer Storage and Recovery.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 2.2M [   ] Meeting Water Management Objectives through Water Storage and Recovery in Arizona, USA.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 2.6M [   ] Modeling the Impact of Aquifer Recharge, Instream Water Savings, and Canal Lining in Water Resources in the Walla Walla Basin.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 7.8M [   ] Observations and prediction of recovered quality of desalinated sea water in the Strategic ASR Project in Liwa, Abu Dhabi.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 3.9M [   ] PROJECT TO RECHARGE THE AQUIFER OF Valle de Las Palmas, B.C. WITH TREATED RESIDUAL WATER.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 5.3M [   ] Performance evaluation of groundwater recharge structures.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 789K [   ] Potential of unsaturated soil zone models for assessment of managed aquifer recharge.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 1.0M [   ] Predicting Reverse Flow Hydraulics in Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) Wells - How Does It Work.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 1.1M [   ] Prediction of Removal of Contaminants during Soil Passage.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 1.5M [   ] Prediction of iron and manganese release during riverbank filtration.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 1.2M [   ] Processing drinking water by managed aquifer recharge in Tuusula region, Finland..pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 648K [   ] Protection of groundwater dependent ecosystems in Canterbury, New Zealand_ the Targeted Stream Augmentation Project.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 3.7M [   ] Quantifying Apparent Groundwater Ages Near Managed Aquifer Recharge Operations using 35S as an Intrinsic Tracer.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 2.1M [   ] Raw water quality and pretreatment in managed aquifer recharge for drinking water production in Finland.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 2.7M [   ] Seasonal Water Storage and Replenishment of a Fractured Granite Aquifer Using ASR Wells.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 6.5M [   ] Sequential Managed Aquifer Recharge Technology (SMART) for enhanced removal of trace organic chemicals.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 2.7M [   ] Supporting agro-ecological resiliency through managed aquifer recharge practices in the Southwestern United States.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 9.8M [   ] Sustainable Groundwater Management’ A New Law in California.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 1.9M [   ] Temperature measurements during Managed Aquifer Recharge for safeguarding subsurface travel times.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 1.2M [   ] The Cabo Aquifer System Regional Groundwater Level Dynamics in Recife City (Brazil).pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 2.2M [   ] The Challenges of Operating a Large Scale Spreading Basin Recharge Program in a Semi-Arid Region.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 2.5M [   ] The Use of d2H and d18O Water Isotopes as Tracers in SAT and in Regional Water Systems.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 2.1M [   ] Transient flow modelling of an exploited aquifer in the city of Hanoi, Vietnam and simulation of managed aquifer recharge measures.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 1.1M [   ] Using Daily Rainfall Data to Predict Design Parameters for DRWHS in Mexico.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 1.7M [   ] Web-GIS of global inventory of managed aquifer recharge applications.pdf 26-Jul-2016 17:20 3.8M
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